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Welcome to 29th Coffee & Bread

While the name might sound like your favorite cafe, I assure you that it isn't.

29th Coffee & Bread is a simple game where your main goal is to search for coffee and bread, before the timer bar runs out!

The name 29th Coffee & Bread came from 2 of my favorite things - coffee and bread. But what about the 29th? Well I don't want to bore you with the details but  to make a long story short, this game was created to celebrate my 29th birthday.

Why? Because every year, it felt as though my friends and family were celebrating my birthday for me but I wasn't doing so. Therefore, I decided to do something special for myself this year. 


Left/Right - Directional Keys

Jump - Z

Attack - X

Install Instructions

Windows: Unzip, run the .exe file and enjoy!

Mac: If you have blocked unsigned apps you will see a warning when you try to open the game. You need to go System Preferences > Security & Privacy and press the Open Anyway button or disable app limitation. Once that is done, just unzip and run the app!

Linux: Unzip and have fun!

Who Am I

My name is David Lin and as you might have expected, I'm an indie game developer. I was also born and raised in the Leo City of Singapore. At the moment most of my time is occupied with creating Starsss, a star-chasing roguelite platformer that will be available for the PC/Mac/Linux. Follow me on Twitter (@WhiteSponge) for the latest updates on that too!

I enjoy live streaming the game development process and I also like to jog and work out once every 2 to 3 days. In fact, you can watch the entire process of how 29th Coffee & Bread is made on YouTube down below! Enjoy!


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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